Rev 3

Enterprise MLOps Leadership Summit

November 9 - 11, 2021
Hyatt Regency Chicago

COVID-19 Safety

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All About Rev

What’s Rev?

Rev is the marquee conference for data science and MLOps leaders.

At Rev 3, we'll have notable public figures from business and entertainment, executive data science leaders, and industry experts present on the most important topics related to accelerating the development and deployment of data science in the enterprise.

You’ll learn critical insights about how you can make your data science team more productive, increase governance and security, accelerate model velocity, and other topics across the Enterprise MLOps lifecycle.

Rev features interactive sessions, open Q&A with industry luminaries, poster sessions, and stimulating conversations about how to drive model-driven business.

Why Attend?

Rev is the summit for data science and IT leaders along with their teams. Leaders and practitioners need to pursue continuously learning that improves MLOps and models to better accomplish their missions.

Rev provides both strategic and practical insights on best practices in MLOps for these attendees to drive progress within their organizations.

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Rev 3
Rev 3
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Rev 3

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A note on COVID-19 health and safety: We are committed to an engaging and safe event. We will be following CDC guidance and will post our safety protocols for this event when we open registration.