May 30-31, 2018, San Francisco

Data Science
Leaders Summit

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Rev features interactive sessions, stimulating conversations, and tutorials about how to run, manage, and accelerate data science as an organizational capability.

Leaders in the data science community present the challenges their organizations have faced in becoming model-driven and provide frameworks, innovations, and tangible tips for you to take back and put to work in your daily life. Topics span high-level questions like where data science fits in your organization to technical challenges like the best way to leverage cloud-based GPU resources. Rev is the next generation of the popular Data Science Pop-up series which has hosted thousands of attendees over the past two years.

Who is it for?

Rev is a summit for data science leaders, by data science leaders. People who run data science teams require a space to learn, collaborate, and discuss how to elevate data science’s role in organizations. Attendees include current and aspiring data science leaders from organizations of all sizes and industries, from high-tech to non-profit.

What to expect

You will learn:

  • Specific steps the world’s leading model-driven organizations took to elevate data science internally.
  • The key barriers organizations face, and how to apply a proven framework of people, process, and technologies to overcome those barriers.

You will get:

  • Actionable artifacts you can take back to your office and use, like:

    • Pre-project checklists
    • Sample Jupyter notebooks
    • Business case templates

    and more…

Meet and collaborate with:

  • Leaders across industries and companies who share a common belief that data science is (or can be) a key differentiator for their organizations.
  • Leaders on the path to elevate data science to a C-level concern.
  • Tomorrow’s chief data scientists who spend their time hands-on-keyboard, leading from the front.

Featured Sessions

Building on the success of the Data Science Pop-ups, Rev offers an expanded agenda to foster greater networking, deeper workshops, and hands-on Domino product sessions.

Day 1

The morning will kick off with keynotes from industry luminaries. Afternoon: two tracks of breakout sessions; one aimed at people managing data science teams and the other for practitioners looking to build out new capabilities.

Included in Day 1 afternoon is workshop on best practices for managing the data science lifecycle that will provide a hands-on opportunity to apply frameworks and tactics in a collaborative working session.

Leadership Track

Operationalize Data Science on the Journey to a Model-driven Enterprise

Nir Kaldero, Head of Data Science, VP, Galvanize

Practitioners Track

Why Design Thinking Is Necessary for Effective Data Science

Jim Guszcza, Chief Data Scientist, Deloitte

Day 2

The morning will feature keynotes from industry luminaries. Afternoon: choose breakout sessions on best practices for managing data science as an organizational capability, or sessions for Domino customers interested in learning how to apply best practices with Domino 3.0.

Leadership Track

Differentiating by Data Science

Eric Colson, Chief Algorithms Officer, StitchFix

Practitioners Track

Classify All the Things

Derrick Higgins, Data Science Manager, American Family Insurance

Rev 2018 will be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

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