Combating Cognitive Bias as a Data Scientist

11:50 - 12:20 | Thursday, May 23

As the Data Science field continues to evolve and Data Science as a profession matures, demands from practitioners continue to grow well beyond Math, Statistics, and Programming skills. How many times have you heard or stated that we need Data Scientists to be more effective, more influential, more impactful, more outspoken? Does the following scene where Data Scientists are buried under countless of hypotheses based on anecdotal feedback give you any flashbacks? Do you feel like you are surrounded by such a talented workforce of Data Scientists, or being one of such great talent yourself, and yet feel like there is so much room for improvement in effective negotiation, engagement, salesmanship? If these statements and ideas are foreign to you, then this talk might not be the right use of your time.

In this talk we will discuss how we can improve and help close these gaps in Data Science organizations through our learnings in Psychology and Behavioral Economics, and through conscious implementation of practical strategies tailored for different mental heuristics to combat biases of the human mind. As a practitioner and leader in the Data Science field, Gokhan has personally tried and coached his associates on applying such tactics with stakeholders, executives, and business partners to empower Data Science practitioners to be more effective and impactful while combating the biases of our minds. Examples from real life experiences and practical advice will be socialized throughout the talk on this engaging topic.

Gokhan Metan
Director, Enterprise Data Science, Humana