Responsible AI

11:50 - 12:20 | Thursday, May 23

As the use of statistical models in decision-making becomes more and more ubiquitous in all areas of life, from which mortgage we can get to who we get to swipe left on Tinder, our ability to interpret these models has never been more critical. In this session, we will introduce you to the concept of explainable AI (XAI), which gives us the ability to explain decisions made by machine learning models.

Tola Alade
Data Scientist, Lloyds Banking Group

Tola Alade graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Lois Hatton award for an outstanding academic performance. As a Data Scientist within the Lloyds Banking Group Applied Sciences, she uses statistical techniques to help solve complex business problems and that make customers’ lives better at the UK’s largest digital bank. Tola is on a mission to “bring mathematics to life” by sharing her passion and enthusiasm, and most importantly by showing real life applications of the field to inspire younger generations.

Tom Cronin
Head of Data Science, Lloyds Banking Group

Tom is the Head of Data Science within Lloyds Banking Group, the largest retail bank in the UK where he originally joined as a Credit Risk Analyst. Today, Tom leads a group of over 50 (and counting!) pathfinders and trailblazers across the disciplines of Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Software Development, delivering ground-breaking AI products to Lloyds Banking Group’s colleagues and customers.

Tom is a strong advocate of Diversity in Data Science as well as actively supporting Mental Health and Neurodiversity initiatives. Outside of work, Tom is a keen photographer, traveller and owns far too many board games.