Building & Scaling Data Science Teams

4:00 - 4:30 | Thursday, May 23

As their data science and AI teams scale from one to thousands of employees, and the maturity of their analytics capabilities evolve, companies find that the analytics journey is not always smooth. Drawing on experiences gleaned from dozens of clients, Michael Li discusses organizational growing pains and the best practices that successful executives have adopted to scale and grow their team. He discusses how organizations progress along three maturity curves:

  1. Analytical Maturity Curve
  2. Operational Maturity Curve
  3. Organizational Maturity Curve

As enterprises strive to move along each of these axes towards becoming a data-driven organization, they must solve various organizational challenges and develop new capabilities and skills. We provide key takeaways for managers and executives for each step of the maturity curves.

Michael Li
Founder, The Data Incubator

Michael Li is the founder of The Data Incubator, an 8-week fellowship to help PhDs and postdocs transition from academia into industry. Previously, he headed monetization data science at Foursquare and has worked at Google, Andreessen Horowitz, J.P. Morgan, and D.E. Shaw. He is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, O’Reilly, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, and Fast Company. Michael was a postdoc at Cornell Tech, earned his PhD at Princeton, and was a Marshall Scholar in Cambridge.