Elena Grewal

Head of Data Science

Panel: Internal Practices Facilitating Data Science Collaboration and Faster Innovation

In this panel discussion, our speakers will share and discuss best practices for building data science organizations that operate at the business core. Topics will include how to manage data science as a product, integrating domain experts into the process, driving alignment among stakeholders, and progressing your career development as a data science leader.

About Elena Grewal

As the leader of Airbnb’s Data team, Elena is responsible for driving the strategy for how Airbnb uses data for decision making and to infuse products and processes with algorithms. Before Airbnb she completed a PhD in Education from Stanford, studying social networks in schools and building statistical models to predict when students would form friendships with a student from a different race or socioeconomic background. She started as one of the first data scientists at the company, where her initial work set up frameworks for understanding the impact of company initiatives and to improve the user experience by using data at scale. She led efforts to diversity the data science team and writes and speaks about building diverse technical teams.